Random Roads Of My Mind: The First 11 Poems

First section of “Random Roads Of My Mind”

Author’s Note 1: The first two haikus (both non-presidential) and the first three entries in my five-part “numb” series of poems are in this section.

Author’s Note 2: The first two poems were written while my family and I were on vacation, the third and fourth while we were driving back. Poems seven and ten are about how I felt about the job I had at the time

Qwirky Productions


An anthology of 111 non-fan fiction poems

“Random Roads Of My Mind”

Poem I (001): Beach Poem

Cool sand feels good,
Squished between my toes
Shade makes it possible
Down at the beach

Poem II (002): Why Am I So Tired?

Why am I so tired as I am on the beach? Could it be my cousin’s use of loud and painful speech?
Why am I so tired as I lay here alone? Might it be the headache of trying to use my phone?
Why am I so tired as I adjust my feet? Might it be the simple fact of all this numbing heat?
Why am I so tired perhaps I’ll never know. All I know for sure is that my energy is low.

Poem III (003): The World From A car

We’re in the car and the road and trees go racing by
Grass, street signs, and other cars as far as the eye can see
It’s all the same

Poem IV (004): Haiku For A Night Drive

(first haiku in the collection)

It’s getting darker
as we drive home Thursday night.
Glad I’m not driving.

Poem V (005): Numb

on my vision

my brain



Only vaguely aware…
made a mistake…

Poem VI (006): Riptoe

Riptoe, Riptoe
a world out of time
where strange creatures dance and sing backwards in rhyme

Riptoe, Riptoe
a world beyond space
where water flows backward and becomes purple lace

Riptoe, Riptoe,
an entire world that gleams.
Its secret is stranger than it already seems.

Poem VII (007): Angry Letters To My Anxiety

Dear, Anxiety,

You’re my constant, unwanted companion. Why do you do this to me? Why won’t you leave me alone?

Dear, Anxiety,

You’re like my own personal enemy, my arch-enemy. Were you sent here just to torment me? Why? What did I do t deserve it?

Dear, Anxiety,

Why can’t you just leave me alone? What must I do to get rid of you? I want to obliterate you! You cut me like a spiteful monster from hell!

Dear, Anxiety,

I hate you with a fiery passion that burns hotter than a thousand suns.

I can’t emphasize enough what a loathsome monster you are!

Dear, My anxiety,

You suck.

Sincerely, Me, Adam Davis

Poem VIII (008): Meta Haiku

(second haiku in the collection)

Just five syllables
then add seven, then five more
to get a haiku

Poem IX (009): Numb 2: My Brain Is Dead

My brain is dead.

My brain is dead,
my brain is dead.
Help me, Fred, my brain is dead.

My brain is dead,
my brain is dead.
Stuck like lead, my brain is dead.

My brain is dead,
my brain is dead.
Bland as bread, my brain is dead.

My brain is dead,
my brain is dead.
Weird feeling in my head, my brain is dead.

My brain is dead.

My brain… is…


Poem X (010): Break Time

Break time is wonderful;
a time to rest my feet.
It’s quieter in the break room.

My work day is almost done.
It’ll be a relief to go home.
I’ll let the tension drop.

Almost there, but now
I should get back to work

Poem XI (011): Numb 3: On Hold

Noisy phone
I try to think, try to write,
but this noisy phone holds my brain down as I’m on hold.

Need that ride to get to therapy.

I got it! But my brain is still numb. I guess it’s all that reading.

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