Random Roads Of My Mind: The Third Eleven Poems (23-33)

Third section of “Random Roads Of My Mind”

Author’s Note 1: Poems 23 and 33 are inspired by some of my feelings about my childhood.

Author’s Note 2: Poem 24 is one of several poems in here that I wrote when I couldn’t describe the emotion I was feeling but I could describe a place that the emotion made me think of.

Author’s Note 3: Poems 25 and 26 were written during a camping trip.

Author’s Note 4: The first two of three diamantes in this collection are in this section.

Author’s Note 5: Also in this section are the first part of the “Milestone” series and the second part of a seven-part series about a particular fantasy world (the same one as poem 16).

Poem XXIII (023): Old Times And Past Regrets

Time’s a very fleeting thing; you grab it or it passes by.

If you want to make good memories, make them or they’ll pass you by. And you won’t have them to remember past times by.

The seasons pass, the clocks turn, and you mark off days on your calendar. It won’t speed up and it won’t slow down and there’s nothing you can do.

In the early days it feels too slow and you just want it pass. Later you feel it went by too fast, and you wish you could go back and make it better.

When you see what you missed in that distant world so long ago in time, you may feel bad your memories aren’t better and much more grand.

But all you can do is make a cooler future………………..

Poem XXIV (024): A Store After A Fire

The paint is flaking in the store.
The sun is slowly rising.

The footsteps echo through the store.
A person’s loudly coughing.

The smoke is drifting through the store.
Extinguisher at ready.

Poem XXV (025): A Pleasant Drive

We drive across a curvy road,
the grass is green and pretty.

The sun is shining down on us,
the mood is light and cheerful.

The dog is sitting next to me,
she loves it when I pet her.

The drive was short but nice and fun,

and I got to write this poem.

Poem XXVI (026): Bugs Suck

Bugs are annoying
They’re a pain in the rear when they see your head and decide to fly near.

Bugs are unpleasant
Even if it’s no harm, it’s an uncomfortable feel when they land on your arm.

Bugs are unnerving
It’s not fun to hear the sound of a bug that flies to your ear.

To put it simply, bugs suck.

Poem XXVII (027): Animation Diamante

(first diamante in the collection)

sentimental, sincere,
singing, dancing, loving
romance, musical, comedy, action
joking, dancing, referencing
snide, sarcastic

Poem XXVIII (028): Black-And-White Morality Diamante

(second diamante in the collection)

cruel, nasty
hurting, uncaring, tormenting
cold, heartless, noble, warm
helping, caring, protecting
kind, nice

Poem XXIX (029): Milestone: Past The Quarter Point

I’m over a fourth of the way to my goal!
Boy does that feel good!

My 29th poem of 111!
The accomplishment feels good!

82 poems before I get there, but I’m confident I’ll make it!

Poem XXX (030): Happy Day!

I got so much done today!
I’m so proud, so proud I say!
I can’t believe I’m finally here!
More productive days are near!
Being trapped I needn’t fear, if I keep this momentum going!

Poem XXXI (031): The Rock-Man Passes Through

(second of seven poems in the collection describing a particular fantasy world)

Stone mountains tower over him
as The Rock-Man passes through.

Stone pillars move aside for him
as The Rock-Man passes through.

Stone faces whisper quietly
as The Rock-Man passes through.

Monsters hide inside their caves
as The Rock-Man passes through.

A passage opens for The Rock-Man, and his footsteps echo down the stone staircase.

In the word below, the gnomes, dwarves, and badger men bow to The Rock-Man as he passes through.

Poem XXXII (032): The Nature Of Cats

Cats plant themselves on the floor
where we can trip over them.

They jump up on tables to eat the food
that we set out for ourselves to eat.

Cats can be incredibly pesky
but they remain cute regardless.

Cats also let you pet them
and make you feel good about making the feel good.

They entertain us greatly
by trying to kill inanimate objects.

Some even climb in your lap
and make a pleasant purring sound.

Poem XXXIII (033): The World Beyond The Soft, Cotton Wall

Emotions that I have no name for
just suddenly visit sometimes.

Perhaps they’re from a dimension
beyond the distant edges of our own.

If you could wander closer to those edges
our own world would fade as you went.

This other world would be simpler, softer, more mysterious.

Some ancient power may lurk there,
primal and very strong.

Sometimes kind and gentle, sometimes harsh and cruel, cutting you deeply or soothing you at different times in that world.

But that world is beyond our reach these days, and you will never get back there, if you were ever there.

Just settle for those emotions’ brief visits
and savor them while they’re there.

Maybe someday you’ll catch them…………………….

or maybe not.

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