Random Roads Of My Mind: The Fourth Eleven Poems (34-44)

The fourth section of “Random Roads Of My Mind”

Author’s Note: The third-sixth haikus in this collection are in this section, as are the final diamante and only ode.

Poem XXXIV (034): Spring Haiku

(third haiku and first of four seasonal haikus in the collection)

Growth and mild warmth<

Leaves grow and baseball is played.

Lasts from March to May.

Poem XXXV (035): Day And Night Diamante

(third diamante in the collection)

Bright, Warmer
Shining, Illuminating, Showing
Sun, Visible, Invisible, Moon
Obscuring, Hiding, Darkening
Dark, Cooler

Poem XXXVI (036): Summer Haiku

(fourth haiku and second of four seasonal haikus in the collection)

Hottest time of year
Swimming and baseball take place.
From June to August

Poem XXXVII (037): The Dark Room And The Ghost

You sit in a dark room.
The ghost walks in.

He looks at you strangely
The ghost walks out.

You sit in the silence.

Poem XXXVIII (038): Autumn Haiku

(fifth haiku and third of four seasonal haikus in the collection)

Leaves fall from the trees.
September to October
Cider and football

Poem XXXIX (039): Breathing Exercise In Poem Form

Breath in to four.
<Hold breath and count to seven.
Release breath while counting to eight.

Poem XL (040): Winter Haiku

(sixth haiku and fourth of four seasonal haikus in the collection)

Coldest time of year.
Time of snow and basketball.
Months of F and N.

Poem XLI (041): Ode To Animation

Oh, the flash of animation!
The glorious visual freedom!
Creating characters and worlds that can look like anything!
Giving life to drawings, computer data, clay, and more!
Such a strange and fascinating art!

Poem XLII (042): The Girl In The Bucket

She sat in the giant bucket
and he slowly lowered her down.
The bucket was wooden, lowered with rope, and both of those objects were brown.

She climbed out of the giant bucket
and slowly looked around.
A giant cave surrounded her, suffused with light but no sound.

She left behind the giant bucket
and walked toward the source of the light.
As her path got brighter and brighter, she was not prepared for the sight……….

Poem XLIII (043): Light And Dark

The light was next to the shade. Searing white and haunting black.

A starkly divided place, where everything was one color or the other.

The balance shifted gradually toward the light, then the dark, then the light again.

Then a foot moved passed the place, kicking a ball.

The place was a wall, and the owner of the house was playing with his dog.

Poem XLIV (044): The Maze Of Stairs

The spider skittered up the stairs, which curved round and round. Because it was a spider, it never made a sound.

As the stair curved further up around another stair, the other stair went straight down, though the spider knew not where.

Each staircase had its own gravity, its own direction and path through this place. Some staircases eve formed giant knots hanging in this bizarre space.

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